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Entrepreneur, traveler, mother, mentor.
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Jun 28-Jul 1, Dallas, Texas

Claudia Mirza – Empowerment Sessions Speaker

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Women-Owned Businesses in Texas

Striving and Thriving in Today’s Economy   Texas appears at or near the top of most “best of” lists for its business friendliness. But it’s also a great location for an increasing number of women-owned enterprises.   Women play a huge role in the U.S. labor force,recently accountin

Five DFW Firms Named to Nation’s 50 Fastest Growing Women-Owned Companies List

Two of the five re-entered the list after experiencing revenue spikes.   Five Dallas-Fort Worth entrepreneurs have been honored for leading some of the fastest growing women-owned or women-led companies in the nation. Nina Vaca of Dallas-based Pinnacle Group, Kay Ivie of Flower Mound-based Ivie

Akorbi CEO Claudia Mirza Honored as ‘Entrepreneurial Winning’ Woman

Akorbi CEO Claudia Mirza Honored as ‘Entrepreneurial Winning’ Woman
Chief executive runs world’s fastest-growing language services provider. CEO Claudia Mirza, who grew up surrounded by violence in Medellin, Colombia, was recognized Thursday by EY for her Dallas-based company Akorbi, the fastest-growing language services provider in the world. Mirza was named

Seeing Opportunity Where Others Don’t

Seeing Opportunity Where Others Don’t
“All my life, I was very passionate about content. I’m very creative, and I love making things beautiful. I saw in the 2000 census data that the minority population was growing in the U.S., and the Hispanic population was skyrocketing. But then I saw media with very bad content in Spanish. I sai

Exclusive: These Are the 50 Fastest-Growing Women-Owned Companies in the U.S

Ellen Latham never thought her love of fitness would result in owning one of the fastest-growing businesses in the United States. Latham, who owns a boutique fitness chain called Orangetheory, has snagged the No. 1 spot the annual ranking of the fastest growing women-owned or led businesses released

Colombian in Texas

Colombian in Texas
Claudia Mirza is literally one of the best Americans alive. As such, this week she met Donald J. Trump to discuss immigration and taxes. Claudia also met Ivanka Trump, an encounter she described thusly (translated from Spanish): “Based on everything I’d heard about her in the media and p

Why Immigrant Women Make Great Entrepreneurs

Why Immigrant Women Make Great Entrepreneurs
Starting a company is a lot like immigrating to America, says Nikki Barua: “You need to adapt to survive.” Barua, who is the founder and CEO BeyondCurious, an agency that creates mobile experiences for companies, has firsthand knowledge of both experiences. Born and raised in India, she

Nostradamus and the localization industry

When I think of Michel de Nostredame (Nostradamus), the French philosopher and seer, I picture a delusional character who lived in the 16th century, writing with a feather in a candle-lit room. Every time I hear about the many disturbing predictions he made, I get the chills. Thankfully, my more pra

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